Random Thoughts & Musings

  • WHY WE MAKE: It's About Better Quality

    Old yarns have a way of sticking around because they're true. People tend to see them as trite or don't really think about their deeper meaning. But when someone says, "They sure don't make 'em the way they used to." there is a greater reality.
  • WHY WE MAKE: It's About The Journey

    It's kind of funny how we are all wired differently and a passion for one person is meaningless for another. I've always been an artist, even when I wasn't. Creating has always been deeply meaningful and satisfying. My life has taken many turns but always pointed to the same place. It's the journey...
  • WHERE WE LIVE: Peace and Quiet. Space to Breathe.

    Charlotte is the name of our town and we pronounce it as Shar-Lot. It's not some aloof thing; it came from the namesake queen, Sofia Charlotte of Mecklenburg who was married to King George III in England. Anyway, it's totally different from other Charlottes in other places.