WHERE WE LIVE: Peace and Quiet. Space to Breathe.

In the last couple of months, we've all been pretty stressed. With quarantining and isolation practices necessary for the health of all, I find being in our little rural corner of the country to be pretty fortunate. Charlotte is the name of our town and we pronounce it as Shar-Lot. It's not some aloof thing; it came from the namesake queen, Sofia Charlotte of Mecklenburg who was married to King George III in England. Anyway, it's totally different from other Charlottes in other places.

We are a town of about 3,500 people when population peaks in the summertime. There are a bunch of what we call "camps" along the various points that stick out into Lake Champlain on our western side of the state. Charlotte has two points in addition to smooth coastline.

One point is called Thompson's Point and it's a modestly large area with about 60 or so homes which are only allowed to be used in the summer. The town owns the land under the homes. Some homes are newer there but most are older and are quirky having been built about 100 years ago. Thompson's Point is surrounded by Point Bay on the south, Lake Champlain to the west and Converse Bay on the north.

We live on the other point. It's called Cedar Beach. Unlike the above, we all own our land. Part of Cedar Beach is summer camps but about half of the 50 or so homes are year round and occupied even in the winter. Our point is largely wooded with, take a guess... Cedar Trees. Converse Bay is on our south side, the open lake to the west and McNeil's Cove is on the north side where we live. Our little enclave is called Wishbone and there are six homes and all of our residents are artists of some kind. It wasn't planned that way, the Universe just made it happen. Some of us work with wood in various ways, others make things from dyed fabrics to jewelry to music.

Life is good here, it's always isolated so we go on much the way we always do.

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