WHY WE MAKE: It's About Better Quality

How many times have people said, "Just buy one of those at [ABC Store]. Why do you have to make it yourself?"In a word. Quality. It's one of the pillars of our beliefs. 

Old yarns have a way of sticking around because they're true. People tend to see them as trite or don't really think about their deeper meaning. But when someone says, "They sure don't make 'em the way they used to." there is a greater reality. Big companies make things cheaply and more cheaply. Rather than finding a more efficient way, corners get cut and quality is sacrificed for the sake of profit. That's really lousy.

If you like quality and appreciate it as I do, you probably would rather have less in favor of having something better. It's that Less is More philosophy that I'm likely to mention often in my writing. Our Big Box Store culture wants everything so they buy low quality in order to spend way less to buy more, more and more.

We take great pride in everything we make whether it's a tiny box or a giant piece of furniture. We use the best lumber we are able to source and do our level best to make certain it was sourced sustainably so there's more to go around in the long run. As often as we can, we put our hands directly to the work with sharp, carefully honed tools used by true craftspeople of the past.

We make quality because we care and it matters to us. We hope it matters to you as well.

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