Our Story


My passion for working with wood began when I was about 3 or 4 years old. My name is Rich. Pa was the name of my grandfather who was a lumber salesman and perennial tinkerer around his modest home in Towson, Maryland. He was born in 1913 and did most things using pretty basic hand tools. We spent a lot of time together both in his garage on minor mechanical tasks but mostly at his workbench down in his basement.

Living north of the Chesapeake Bay meant when the weather was nice it was also really hot so I loved being in that cool basement helping Pa make things out of wood. Even as a very young boy, he let me hammer, use a hand drill and a hand saw. It wasn't long before he would introduce me to electric drills and a jigsaw both being Black & Decker since their headquarters was nearby. We made many things but most memorable were the dollhouses that Pa would make for people as scale replicas of their homes. He would take me along occasionally on sales calls to lumber yards around Maryland and the real treat would be a dependable stop at McDonald's for lunch. To this day, I just love the smell of fresh sawdust reminding me of that time together. Fast food? Not so much!

Pa taught me how to pay attention to details and to enjoy doing a good job. I was so lucky to have the opportunity to learn from a patient and kind soul. Today, Pa would never recognize the workshop that I've been so fortunate to build with tools he never could have imagined. He taught me the satisfaction of being able to sharpen and use a quality hand plane (I still have his pictured above which is the reason for our logo) but not to be afraid of trying new ways like my fancy machines that do amazing things more safely and dependably. It's in his memory that I dedicate myself daily to the work I do because it is my passion and my calling in life.

My son, Carson, joined me after college. It's a true joy to now be the teacher and he the student although in all honesty, he always manages to teach me new things all of the time. We have machines that he knows how to operate far better than I do but sometimes my experience and understanding of the nature of wood is essential to get those machines to work at their best. We always keep in mind we are using a natural product to make unique things and that everything we do is truly one of a kind. Photographs of Pa hang both in our shop and our office. Carson never got to meet Pa but I hope that through me, he feels that he knows him very well.