Shop Services

Even with hundreds of clamps on hand, we still run short!Shop Work

Let’s face it, you are already busy doing stuff for your clients, running your business, managing employees and just generally juggling a load of stuff out in the field. No wonder it’s tough to get specialty products made that make your jobs unique. We’re here. We’re equipped. We’re experienced. Whether it’s matching vintage moulding profiles, creating custom millwork, banging out one off cabinets or figuring out how to make some element the designer dreamed up, we do it!


Templates, stencils, jigs. Need a part manufactured to exacting standards? Our computer numeric control (CNC) milling process can take any digital file and output to wood, non-ferrous metal or acrylic with precision. From one-offs to hundreds, each will be exact. We have a Z axis that goes up to 15 inches (yep, 15!) so we have a depth capacity that others simply do not. No file? Fear not! We are adept at many design and modeling programs which are all in-house so we can do that for you, too!

Laser Cutting & Engraving

Beyond CNC...we also have an industrial high wattage, large format laser cutting and engraving machine which was custom built to our specs and requirements. From cutting delicate and intricate designs to etching on glass, metal and more, it you have an idea, we are ready to take it to reality. In addition to flat formats, we have several rotary axes that allow us to work on curved surfaces. Your logo on anything? You bet! Specialty designs cut or engraved? Just ask.

Timesaver Sanding

Oh, the drudgery! No one, even the rank apprentice, likes to stand at a bench for hours with the sander and those fortunate enough to zone out can't match the precision flat result of a sanding bed or the clean air of well captured dust. Our Timesaver saves you the time, mess and frustration. 

Give us your tired, your doors, your huddled apprentice yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shop. Send these, your hopeless boards, your tempest lost to us, we lift up our golden sander beside our brown shop door!

Reproduction Mouldings

Historic home? Arched opening? Obsolete and unable to match? By now you've likely guessed that we can do the needful. Whether you want clear pine or poplar for painting, Hard Maple, Cherry or even an exotic, we are able to duplicate the profile from either an actual crosscut or work from a scale drawing. Let us know your needs.