"I met Rich when I put out a request for a craftsman to repurpose an antique Maple spool bed that had been made by, and used by at least 5 of the 7 generations of my native Vermont family.  My own father and his father had been born in that bed, I used it until I left my parents' home, and three of my own children had their turn with it as 'their' bed. When I built a new home in 2017, I did not have a place for its original use and envisioned it to be a focal point where folks could sit and read or chat.  It would not be put away in the basement collecting dust.  As I shared this story with Rich, I could see that he absolutely "got" the importance of this family heritage piece. I provided a general sense of what I was looking for in a bench, and he took it from there. When he and his son, Carson, arrived to place it in its new home, it was more beautiful than I had ever been able to envision myself. Rich has the soul of an artist and the skill of a true craftsman. Our family's treasure lives on in a new way, and for that, I am truly grateful." - Lianna Percy, Shelburne
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